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About Inside Matters

Inside Matters is a natural well-being company specialising in essential oils, red light therapy, and infrared saunawhile sharing information and practical advice to those looking to enhance their health and wellbeing naturally. 

Inside Matters was set up when I started to reflect on the positive impact that natural products and treatments were having on my health and wellbeing.  

Not only were many people not aware of how they could improve their energy, sleep, mood, and overall health by looking at a holistic approach, but the growing incidents of autoimmune disorders are alarming. Due to my own chronic illness, I spent years unable to work and only able to manage basic daily functions. I spent my time listening to podcasts and learning as much as I could about how I could look after myself holistically, due to a lack of knowledge and support through the public health system.

The more I looked into the ingredients inside so-called natural products the more I realised how many chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis in our personal care products, cleaning products, food, and in the air we breathe. I began using essential oils and slowly replacing cleaning products one by one and then moved on to personal care products while also making changes to my diet. 


While there may not be anything you can do about some of the environmental toxins outside your home you CAN make a difference to what you're exposed to inside your home and this CAN make a profound impact on your wellbeing.

Natural ingredients

When I started looking into infrared sauna and discovered red light therapy, the scientific studies behind these treatments and the benefits they can have to overall health were fascinating. I decided to invest in these and make them available for others to use as well. 

Check out my blog post on the science behind how red light therapy and infrared sauna actually work and you can book treatments via, 199b Lincoln Road, Henderson, Auckland.

My passion is to share what I have learned, help others access natural treatment options and support people looking to improve their health naturally from the comfort of their own homes, whether that’s someone with a chronic illness or someone wanting more of, or less of something in their life.

Join me on socials to learn more about essential oils, look at what's really inside the products we consume and get tips to improve your health and wellbeing naturally.

What's inside, does matter! 

About Kate Duder


I am a mum who lives in West Auckland and loves sports and our beautiful NZ outdoors. For 20 + years my health has been challenged by a genetic disorder called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS), which was un-diagnosed until 2019. EDS affects how the body produces collagen and therefore impacts connective tissue along with disrupting numerous body systems including the gut and cardiovascular system. As a result, I developed an immune system condition, Mast Cell Activation Disorder, which lead to multiple allergies, intolerances, and chemical sensitivities. These conditions combined with post-viral fatigue following a bad viral infection in my 20s resulted in Myalgia Encephalomyelitis (ME) commonly known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I spent over 20 years battling my health without any diagnoses, where at times I could function relatively well and other times experienced severe system crashes. 


Since my diagnoses in 2018 and 2020, it's been a journey researching and trialing various treatments and lifestyle changes to support my physical and mental well-being and recovery. With these illnesses not being well recognised in the mainstream medical system, the majority of things that have helped are alternative therapies, medicines that are not funded, or treatments that require knowing the right doctor or specialist who understands the condition. Navigating the health system (public, private and alternative) has been a project in itself and by sharing my story I am hoping something I share may help someone else in a similar situation. 


Despite the impact these conditions have had on my life since my early 20s, I have always strived to live my best life. I played sport to a high level as a teenager but had to give this up when I was 20 and turned my focus to my career and dabbling in art. I fell into the event management space working on community events, which lead to an established career in project management. Highlights in my career included working for a Leadership development organisation based in London, but working in parts of Africa, Russia, China, and Brazil, then volunteering with an organisation that worked with Street Children in Tanzania. On my return to NZ, I worked for Youthline Auckland and Auckland Council's Community Action Youth and Drugs team, until I transitioned my career into the health and wellbeing space. 

These experiences have humbled and motivated me to always work in a way where I can make a difference in others' lives. 

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