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Essential oils diffuser

Natural solutions to improve sleep and digestion; reduce pain, stress and anxiety; or support weight loss or immunity.

I had known about essential oils for many years, but until I attended a class with a friend, I wasn’t aware of the powerful benefit these oils can have on our mental and physical well-being.


I started using oils because I wanted a natural solution to address my health needs at home and I now save money on pharmacy, cleaning, and personal care products, all while reducing plastic waste and toxins in my home.

A cool fact that I LOVE and one of the reasons essential oils are so effective is that they are the part of the plant that it uses to protect and heal itself. Because they are natural, our bodies easily and effectively recognise and utilise the chemical compounds found in essential oils for our benefit.

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Smelling doterra essential oils
Diffuse essential oils while working
Peppermint Chocolate
Essentail oils for bugs

How can essential oils help you?

They can be used aromatically (using our sense of smell), topically (on your skin), in cooking or supplements (only with 100% pure food grade oils), in cleaning products, and homemade body products such as body scrubs, bath soaks, face serums and more.

Essential oils and doTERRA's amazing wellness products can help you: 

  • lift mood and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety 

  • support your natural immunity or help with seasonal allergies and winter bugs

  • reduce symptoms of seasonal allergies 

  • support respiratory function and clear breathing 

  • support digestion function, ease nausea and stomach upset

  • support sleep

  • soothe feelings of muscle and joint aches or discomfort

  • ease head tension 

  • cleanse and purifying the air

  • cleanse surfaces

  • calming and supporting skin repair and clear healthy-looking skin

  • boost oral health

  • manage inflammation 

  • aid weight loss strategies and support metabolic health

Essential oils are very potent, but they are also very safe when used appropriately.  They are in fact, far safer than many of the synthetic options readily used in homes in air fresheners, cleaning products, personal care products, and more. Having a sensitive system, I am very passionate about the safe and effective use of oils.

Turmeric tea
DIY with essential oils
Essential Oils for Cleaning
Diffuse Lemon to lift mood

Purchasing oils 

When you buy oils through me, you also get my support and education opportunities to suit your needs. This means you receive ongoing advice tailored to your needs to help you work out the best solutions for you and your family. 

You can buy products at retail cost directly through me, or via my online shop (coming soon). Drop me an email with what you would like and I can let you know costs and availability. 

Want to know how to get 20-25% off retail costs?

A wholesale account is an account you have for a year where you can order any time and get wholesale prices, just like CostCo (except you don't have to leave your living room and orders are tracked and delivered to your door). There are no hidden fees and no auto-renewal. 

What else you get with a wholesale account: 

  • my expertise and support to help you make the most of the oils you purchase 

  • samples and information to help you choose the best options for you and your family

  • ongoing information, recipes and ideas 

why doterra?

Extensive quality testing shows doTERRA essential oils to be some of the most pure and potent essential oils in the world. Not only do they test every batch of oil (and the results are available on the Source to You website) they source plants to ensure they get the species with the most therapeutic benefit.

Their sourcing model also ensures small-scale farmers (many in disadvantaged areas of the world) are treated ethically with a reliable income. Additionally, doTERRA's Healing Hands Foundation supports community development projects that promote long-term environmental and economic sustainability and self-sufficiency for those who live and work these areas. 


The majority of doTERRA's essential oils come in 15 ml bottles (approx 250 drops), in comparison to essential oils you might find at your local shop which are general 5 or 10 ml bottles. A cost comparison of other reputable brands shows doTERRA retail prices to be excellent value for money and generally more cost effective. Plus having a wholesale account gives you greater discounts and access to further savings and free product options. 

Want to know more about getting a wholesale account?

Douglas Fir Essential Oil NZ

Email me at, give me a call or drop me a text at 021 462731

Shop Coming soon 

My online shop and more information about essential oils is coming soon so watch this space.

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I first met Kate when she came into my workplace to deliver a doTERRA workshop. I have always found Kate very friendly and approachable. Her wealth of knowledge is reassuring and she is always happy to answer any questions or provide information or advice if needed. She often goes above and beyond and I have no hesitations in recommending Kate to my friends and family.

- Olivia, Osteopath

inhale essential oils

I purchased my kit of oils along with a diffuser and use them daily. Kate's wealth of knowledge is amazing and her assistance, guidance and support is only a message away. My daughter suffers from anxiety and is on the spectrum and with Kate's help we now use oils to help keep her balanced and calm and I really love using something that is natural. Kate always goes above and beyond to help us out ❤️

- Nikki

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