Essential Oils

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Do you wonder how essential oils can help you?

Do you need help figuring out which essential oils would be best to start with?

I had known about essential oils for many years but up until I attended a class with a friend, I wasn’t aware of the powerful benefit these oils can have on our mental and physical well-being. I started using these oils because I wanted a natural solution to address my health needs at home and I now save money on pharmacy, cleaning, and personal care products, all while reducing plastic waste and toxins in my home. I haven't purchased a plastic cleaning bottle in over 3 years!

A cool fact that I LOVE is that one of the reasons essential oils are so effective is that they are the part of the plant that it uses to protect and heal itself. All living beings are made of carbon and therefore our bodies recognise and utilise these compounds easily and effectively. 

These oils are very potent, but they are also very safe when used appropriately (don't believe everything you read out there on how to use them). Far safer than many of the synthetic options readily used in homes in air fresheners, cleaning products, personal care products, and more.


Having a very sensitive system, I am very passionate about the safe and effective use of oils and that’s why when you buy oils through me, you also get my support and education opportunities to suit your needs. This means you receive support and ongoing education tailored to your needs as you need it, all at no extra cost to you.

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How Can
Essential Oils

Essential oils are known for:

  • lifting mood, reducing anxious feelings

  • supporting our natural immunity

  • supporting a restful night's sleep

  • easing feelings of body discomfort

  • cleansing and purifying the air

  • cleansing surfaces

  • supporting healthy-looking skin

  • supporting clear breathing

  • supporting digestive function

  • supporting oral health

  • and more 

Intro to Essential Oils Workshops 

I run regular workshops via zoom and face-to-face (when the pandemic allows). for more information on the next Introduction to Essential Oils Workshop or to book a FREE Zoom consultation email me through the link below. 

You can also book a class with a group of friends for a fun afternoon or evening activity. 

How to purchase

There are two ways you can purchase oils through me: 

1. At retail cost via my doTERRA website -

  •  Click shop at the top of the page and then select your country of residence. 

  •  Use the tabs at the top of the page to shop for the oils or products you would like and click 'add to cart' for each item

  •  You may get the option to become a wholesale customer or a wellness advocate (if you would like to discuss these options you're welcome to email me at, OR you can scroll down and choose 'check out as a guest'

  • Enter your details and payment and the order will ship directly to you. 

2. With a wholesale membership - which gives you ~25% off and an account to order from at any time. There are no hidden fees or minimum purchases. 

doTERRA makes it easy to start this way with a heavily discounted range of starter packs to suit your needs: (each pack includes the $40 membership fee)

  • the top 10 oils that allow you to address 80% of your well-being needs from home, which come with or without a diffuser

  • an active sports pack for those with active lifestyles or body support needs 

  • a seasonal wellness pack to support the body's immunity and with seasonal threats

  • a bedtime bliss pack to support a restful night's sleep and a sense of calm throughout the day 

  • an emotional wellness pack with 5 amazing oils to uplift, soothe, relax, ground and invigorate 

Alternatively, you can customise an order and add the $40 membership fee, which gets you a wholesale account (with ~25% off) to order from whenever you like. 

To create a wholesale account with your first purchase either email me and I can help you set it up, or click here and follow the prompts.

Need help choosing a starter pack or working out which oils best suit your needs?  Contact me and I'll get back to you to set up a time to chat.

"I love that Doterra essential oils are natural and have no nasties in them making them safe for the whole family. When I was pregnant I had a lot of back pain and struggled to find a safe but effective product to use for at home relief. Kate recommended I try Doterra deep blue rub which I found really effective and still use as a preference to this day!"                                                             




How do I use them safely?

Essential oils are safe, however, they are also very potent - 50-70 times as potent as dried herbs of the same plant. 

It is best to use essential oils with the support of a practitioner, aromatherapist, or essential oil specialist. This will ensure you are able to use them safely and effectively and help you get the most from your purchase!

A few key tips:

  • Always dilute with a carrier oil – fractionated coconut oil is most popular to use with essential oils due to being odourless and stable, which means it won’t change the composition of the essential oils and affect the intended benefits. There are a few exceptions where oils can be used neat in a tiny amount but please do so under the guidance of an expert.

  • Oils can be used on children but must be heavily diluted so it is best to seek advice on appropriate dilution rates.

  • If you are on any medications, please discuss these with an expert before using essential oils and always monitor your condition for changes in symptoms and discuss changes with your doctor.

  • Keep out of reach of children and keep your oils away from direct sunlight.