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About Inside Matters

Inside Matters specialises in essential oils, red light therapy, and infrared saunawhile sharing information and practical advice to those looking to enhance their health and wellbeing naturally. 

Inside Matters was set up after discovering the positive impact that alternative treatments, natural products and natural ways of wellbeing have on my health and quality of life. 

With a chronic illness, a lack of knowledge and support through the public health system, lead to me spending my time listening to podcasts and researching holistic health options. I discovered the power and benefit of essential oils, red light therapy and infrared sauna among other treatments and am now working towards my qualification as a registered Health and Nutrition Coach.

You can read more about the treatments I have used to heal in this Blog, or check out my blog post on the science behind how red light therapy and infrared sauna actually work.

I am passionate about helping others looking to improve their health naturally to easily and effectively access natural treatment options, whether that’s someone with a chronic illness or someone wanting to have more energy, better sleep, less pain, less stress and anxiety or improved longevity. 

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The Name Inside Matters

The name Inside Matters comes from the realisation that our health is impacted by the chemicals and toxins that we ingest, breathe and absorb through our skin on a daily basis. In addition I found that the ingredients inside 'so-called natural products' were not always fully natural and this adds to the chemical burden our bodies are dealing with. For example: synthetic perfumes have a negative impact on our endocrine (hormone) system and due to the proprietary nature of perfume, companies can add any chemical ingredient to their perfume blend without having to label that chemical on the product.


So, what's inside, really does matter and there's a lingering question about what really is inside the products we use.  

I began using essential oils and slowly replacing cleaning products with natural solutions and then moved on to personal care products to remove all perfumes from my home. I also made a plan to (mostly) cut out refined processed food from my diet and started looking at the nutrients I needed to heal.

Read more about me and my journey....


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about kate 

I have a Bachelor of Physical Education degree, however ended up developing an extensive career in project management and community development working both here in New Zealand and internationally.  As a teenager I played sport to a high level, however in my late teens and early 20's experienced health challenges and was then bedridden for over three weeks with a viral infection. I never fully recovered and the medical profession was unable to diagnose me or find a cause for the symptoms I was experiencing. As a driven person I ignored the symptoms and carried on. There were times where I could function pretty well, although I wasn't able to play sport to the level I had previously.


Over time I experienced three major system crashes that left me unable to work, the latest one in 2017. It was then that I was introduced to a holistic GP and this lead to my diagnosis of an an underlying genetic disorder called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS), which had also caused Mast Cell Activation (an immune cell disorder) and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (often referred to as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). Suddenly all the symptoms from my 20's made sense, as EDS is a connective tissue disorder (mostly known for joint hyper-mobility), that can also disrupt the gut and cardiovascular systems.


Knowledge is power and having the diagnosis has allowed me to connect the dots on all my symptoms and find better ways to manage and improve my health. 

Managing my own chronic illness developed my interest and passion for natural treatments and holistic wellbeing. With these illnesses not being well recognised in the mainstream medical system, it's been a journey researching and trialing various treatments and lifestyle changes to support my recovery. The majority of strategies that have helped are alternative therapies, medicines that are not funded, or treatments that require knowing the right doctor or specialist who understands the condition. Navigating the health system (public, private and alternative) has been a project in itself and by sharing my story and what I have learnt I am hope to help others in similar situations. 

My journey with essential oils started in 2018 when a friend introduced me to the therapeutic power of these natural plant extracts and I realised they did much more than smell nice! Since then essential oils have been a game changer for my mental and physical well being.  I discovered red light therapy after investigating the benefits of infrared sauna and now regularly use all three of these complimentary modalities.


Highlights in my career include working for a leadership development organisation in London, on projects in parts of Africa, Russia, China, and Brazil, then volunteering with an organisation in Tanzania to provide basic needs and support to children living on the streets. On my return to NZ, I worked for Youthline Auckland and in Community Development with Auckland Council, until my most recent crash where I was again left unable to work for a number of years. 

All these experiences have humbled and motivated me to always work in a way where I can make a difference in others' lives. I am now building Inside Matters and working towards my qualification as a health and nutrition coach.

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Please reach out if you have questions or want to book a free essential oils consultation to see how they can support your well being. 

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