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Getting a sauna for your home

When looking into buying my saunas I did a lot of research into what features and factors are important and what companies offer the best value for money. 

Considerations include: 

  • Location of heaters: Look at the location and coverage of the heaters. Its best to have heaters under the feet or on the front glass panel, which maximizes the body's exposure to the infrared rays and therefore impacts the quality of heat and your sweat!

  • Strength of the heaters: you want high wattage to create effective heat 

  • Low EMF and ELF heaters: its important to have technology in the heaters that significantly limits your exposure to electric and electromagnetic fields. There are currently only two local sauna brands that mitigate both EMF and ELF in their saunas. 

  • 100% hypoallergenic timber and food safe glue: Cheap timbers and toxic glue can off gas when heated creating toxins, when you are trying to detox!

  • No cloth covers on heaters: a cloth cover impacts the heat output and introduces a synthetic material to the sauna. 

  • Comprehensive warranty: some companies offer a comprehensive lifetime warranty on home use saunas. ​

The saunas I recommend are SunStream. They have a local NZ warehouse, a great team of knowledgeable staff, their saunas meet the above criteria with flying colours and are great value for money. 


They also have a range of sizes to suit your space and a lifetime residential warranty.

Check out the Sun Stream range here and receive a 5% discount when you complete the form to get pricing and purchase information. 

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