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Infrared Sauna and Red Light Therapy Prices 

Infrared sauna and red light therapy are fast growing natural options to enhance health and wellbeing in a number of ways. These treatments can positively impact your athletic performance, recovery from chronic illness or injury, weight loss and metabolic health, pain and inflammation, mood and relaxation, skin health and more.

Sauna and red light therapy are located at Waitakere Health Hub, 199b Lincoln Road. 


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infrared sauna
red light therapy

Red Light Therapy, 20 min 

Infrared Sauna, 30 min (50 min session)

Infrared Sauna - 2 person, 30 min

(50 min total session)

Combo - Sauna 30min + Red Light Therapy

10 min- 1 hour total session 

Combo - 2 Sauna, 30min + Red Light Therapy,

10 min - 1 hour 10 minutes total session 

10 min Red Light Therapy

available for after a massage, osteo or

acupuncture treatment at Waitakere health hub

Sauna sessions include shower time







All prices include complimentary:

  • essential oils of your choice (with sauna)

  • towels and organic skincare lotions (with sauna)

  • water and electrolytes 

  • bluetooth sauna speakers to listen to your favourite podcast or music

If you have a chronic illness talk to us about shorter time sessions and packages tailored to your needs to allow you to start slow and build up your tolerance

Infrared sauna with electrolytes and water to rehydrate

Packages and Memberships

Packages and Memberships

Packages are the best way to support your wellbeing and save money. While I've no doubt you will feel great after one sauna or a red light therapy session, evidence shows that series of regular treatments has the most benefit and will help you to achieve your wellbeing goals.


If you would like to chat about your health goals and how infrared sauna and or red light therapy might help you, please email me at

Infrared Sauna Intro Package 

3 sessions, valid for 30 days

Red Light Therapy Intro Package

3 sessions, valid for 30 days 

Red Light Therapy Healing Experience -

6 sessions, valid 90 days

Add Ons: 

Bring a friend for a 2 person sauna 

Add red light therapy (10 minutes) to your sauna 

$135 ($45 per session)

$75 ($25 per session)

$140 ($23.33 per session)



Infrared Sauna Weekly Membership

1 sauna per week, minimum commitment

3 months, billed monthly 

Sauna + Red Light Therapy Ultimate Wellness 


Unlimited red light and sauna combo sessions,

minimum 3 month commitment, billed monthly 

Add Ons: 

Bring a friend for a 2 person sauna 

Add red light therapy (10 minutes), for weekly

sauna memberships 

$190 /month ($43.85 per session)

$450 /month ($33 per session with 3 sessions per week)


$10 per session

essential oils consultation

Essential Oil Products and Consultations

My Essential oils product shop is live with more products coming soon.

If you're interested in products that aren't online drop me a message, or if you would like to book a FREE 30 min consultation about how essential oils can support your sleep, digestion pain, anxiety, stress, mood or more please get in touch

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