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Introducing our natural DIY Cleaning Starter Pack, your one-stop-shop for all your general home cleaning needs. This pack includes all the necessary ingredients to create an All Purpose Spray and Deep Cleaning Paste, perfect for every corner of your home. With over 30 refills, you can be sure that you'll have enough to last you a long time. Our Cleaning Paste is non-scratch and can be used on sinks, baths, showers, shower glass, cook tops, and even walls, replacing the use of cream surface cleaners. 


With your purchase will also recieve a FREE Sustainable Household Cleaning Guide e-book that has 11 bonus recipes to cover additional household DIY cleaning needs. 


Each refill costs less than $1.50, saving you between $3-$5 per refill and hundreds a year. 


Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and embrace a natural cleaning solution, saving money and reducing plastic waste with our DIY Cleaning Starter Pack.

DIY Cleaning Starter Pack with free e-guide and bonus recipes

SKU: 1022024
  • The combination of essential oils, a few simple household ingredients and the amazing natural biodegradable  On Guard Cleaning Concentrate gives you natural alternatives to toxic cleaning. 


    What’s Included?

    • Baking Soda
    • Cream of Tartar
    • On Guard Cleaner Concentrate (Natural, Biodegradable)
    • Wild Orange Essential Oil 5ml
    • Lemongrass Essential Oil 2ml
    • Eucalyptus Essential Oil 2ml
    • 500ml labelled Glass Trigger spray bottle
    • 250ml glass jar


    Why Clean with this?

    • Natural and safe to use in the home
    • Potent, powerful, and effective
    • Alternative to cleaning products with dangerous toxins and chemicals
    • Can address all your cleaning needs
    • Creates a clean, inviting aroma
    • Saves LOTS of $$$$
    • Reduces plastic waste
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