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Health Coaching 

A health coach is a trained professional who works alongside clients to enable them to set and achieve realistic health goals, cultivate sustainable lifestyle habits, and navigate obstacles along the way. It's a partnership where the coach takes into consideration a person's lifestyle, culture, values and needs with the aim to build motivation and capability to better understand and self-manage their physical and emotional wellbeing. 

You may be looking for support navigating lifestyle changes that enable you to recover from an illness, nutrition guidance for health, energy or weight management or to make a change to exercise habits, manage stress, mental health, or overall lifestyle improvement. 


A Health Coach isn't there to tell you what to do, but can offer advice when requested and will help you make decisions that are best for you. We can serve as a sounding board, source of information, motivation and accountability, and can help bridge gaps in the community health system.

Are you ready to make a change and live the life you want?

I work alongside people all over New Zealand to achieve their wellbeing and health goals and am currently completing my Health and Nutrition Coach certifications. 


I am passionate about holistic health and wellbeing, and as a sports and health coach I love working with people to enable them to make positive changes and achieve their goals. I truly believe we are all experts of our own mind and body and the key to helping others is to support them to: 

  • feel empowered to do what's right for them

  • unlock internal motivations

  • create mindset shifts 

  • create lasting change that allows them to take ownership of their health and wellbeing

Through my own personal journey with a complex illness, I've successfully implemented interventions and lifestyle changes that facilitated my recovery. These changes encompassed dietary adjustments, strategies to enhance and regulate sleep, manage energy levels, alleviate body pain and anxiety, as well as gaining clarity on my values and life goals. You can explore more about my background and journey by clicking here

For the final stage of my health coaching certification, I have practicum hours to complete and therefore are offering FREE Health Coaching discovery sessions. 

If you would like to book a session or have any questions please email me, message me via the chat function or contact form, or book a session using the button below. 

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