I work with people to support them to take care of themselves and their families wellbeing naturally and effectively in their own homes.

I offer workshops, DIY cleaning classes and individual consultations to help you get the most of your oils experience whether you are just starting out or wanting to dive deeper into the natural benefits of essential oils. 

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I have partnered with the Waitakere Health Hub in Henderson to bring infrared sauna and red light therapy treatments to West Auckland. 

Whether you want to use sauna or red light therapy to boost your immunity, improve energy, recover from injury or if you have a chronic illness and are working on getting your life back there is an option here for you. 

Check out the information and FAQ on the Waitakere Health Hub website. 

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Non-Toxic Products and Essential Oil Accessories 

Using natural personal care and cleaning products has helped improve my health and wellbeing. 

I offer support to help you detox your home with easy to make recipes. If you want to DIY natural, effective, value for money cleaning and personal care products get in touch. 


Recipes and further information along with a range of useful essential oils accessories are coming online soon. 

In the meantime email me if you would like to purchase: 

  • Roller bottles

  • diffuser bracelets 

  • 500ml amber glass trigger spray cleaning bottles

  • 200ml amber carrier oil bottles

  • 50ml amber glass spray bottles

  • 50ml amber glass dropper bottles

  • nasal inhalers

  • customised vinyl labels

DIY cleaning products


"I first met Kate when she came into my workplace to deliver a Doterra workshop a couple of years ago. I have always found Kate very friendly and approachable. Her wealth of knowledge is reassuring and she is always happy to answer any questions or provide information or advice if needed. She often goes above and beyond and I have no hesitations in recommending Kate to my friends and family."


"Kate appeared in my life when I saw her holding in her hands the Doterra folder. I knew this company since many years ago and this situation appeared at the right time in my life. By that moment, I was getting desperate for help because my boyfriend has different health issues with a lack of sleep and he has been trying different medicines for the past 15 years.


After meeting with Kate, I got my first kit of oils and I started with the idea to use them just for my boyfriend but we actually use for both of us. Now, We continue using the oils for sleeping, relaxation, flu prevention, and diffusing in the house. Thank you so much kate for your time and for caring about us, when we had never met before."