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Purchase an Infrared Sauna Voucher West Auckland for the gift of relaxtion and wellbeing.


Infrared Sauna is way more tolerable that traditional sauna, due to the infrared technology penetrating heating the body from the inside enabling an intesne sweat at a lower temperature. 


Sauna can help detox, improve metabolism, recover from illness or injury, improve heart and brain health, enhance athletic performance, boost mood and increase longevity.


You can choose a one or two person sauna gift or a consession of treatments.


If you would like an alternate gift card amount please email us 


Infrared Sauna Voucher West Auckland

SKU: 284215376135191
  • The gift card will be emailed or posted to you and then can be redemed at the time of use.


    Please provide us with your contact details at time of purchase or email 

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