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What's Inside Matters! 

Your pathway to wellbeing 

We specialise in helping clients optimise their health and wellbeing naturally with essential oils, red light therapy and infrared sauna while sharing insights into how natural products and treatments can make a difference to sleep, mood, energy, digestion, healthy aging and longevity and much more. 


Kate has her own personal experience managing chronic illness and optimising her health. Utilising natural lifestyle changes and alternative treatment approaches has allowed her to dramatically improve her quality of life and she shares these approaches to help others navigate their own health challenges or those looking to enhance their wellbeing naturally.


Join the spring sauna detox challenge

Buy a discounted 10 sauna concession for $405 (saving $145), to use in 30 days and you will receive a FREE Lemon essential oil. To start now, book a sauna and quote 'springchallenge' for the discount.

Would you like to improve your health naturally, detox, optimise digestion, support your sleep, reduce stress and anxiety or reduce pain and inflammation?

or to low tox your home while saving money and reducing plastic waste?

Kate facilitates essential oils workshops and consultations. Book a free consultation to see how you can use essential oils to improve your wellbeing, DIY your own cleaning products,  create a more sustainable lifestyle, detox your home, save money and more. 

Infrared sauna and red light therapy sessions are available at Waitakere Health Hub, 

Henderson, West Auckland. See our prices here.

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Red Light Therapy
Essential oils

About kate

One of my passions is being able to  support others looking to improve their health naturally, whether that’s someone with a chronic illness or someone looking to improve an aspect of their health – better sleep, less pain, less stress or anxiety, more energy, improved metabolic health and more. 

I'm currently working towards may Health and Nutrition Coaching qualification and looking forward to being able to offer this service in the future. 


Read more about my journey and background or contact me

Look inside

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Know the English idiom "don't judge a book by its cover"?


how do we apply this metaphorical phrase when it comes to the products we use and the food we eat? and how can looking at this improve our wellbeing? Most people believe and buy based on marketing which is often positioned to make you do just that - judge the product by its cover – but what is ready is inside?

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