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Inside an Avocado

What's Inside, Matters! 

Navigating wellness natutally

At Inside Matters, we believe that a healthy and balanced lifestyle is key to living a fulfilling life.


Health coaching supports individuals who might need help setting and achieving goals to navigate lifestyle changes for their own illness or to improve their health and wellbeing. We take into account your values and needs, help you explore options, navigate challenges and provide inspiration, information, guidance, accountability and referrals if needed.

Infrared sauna, red light therapy sessions available in West Auckland and essential oils provide complementary treatment options that can help people naturally overcome health challenges, enhance their mental and physical health and support their wellness or health coaching journey. 

Kate is passionate about holistic health and how natural therapies and lifestyle changes can make a difference in areas such as sleep, mood, energy, digestion, illness and injury recovery, healthy aging, and longevity. She has her own personal experience managing a complex chronic illness where lifestyle changes and alternative treatment approaches have allowed her to recover. 

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Hi, I'm Kate 

​​I truly believe that we all hold the answers to our own challenges and with guidance we can create the right environment for healing.

I am committed to supporting others looking to improve their health naturally, whether that’s someone with a chronic illness or someone looking to improve sleep, reduce pain, stress or anxiety, create more energy, or  improve their metabolic health and longevity.

I'm also deeply passionate about what's really inside the products we use and food we consume and want to help share this alongside accurate information about health and wellness topics. My goal is to provide you with REAL information that enables you to make informed choices for yourself and your family, that positively benefit your physical and mental health.


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Kate Duder
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Know the English idiom "don't judge a book by its cover"?


How do we really apply this metaphorical phrase when it comes to the products we use and the food we eat? and how can looking at this improve our wellbeing? Most people believe and buy based on marketing which is often positioned to make you do just that - judge the product by its cover – but what is really is inside?

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